What Clean Water Loss is All About and the S-500 Procedures

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Clean water in water loss does not refer to clean water which children can actually drink. Clean water loss comes from tap water which may have been caused by leaks or leaving the faucet open for a long time. This can come from hoses, pipes, hot water tanks, and ice makers.

Innovators in businesses such as water damage restoration are continually learning and implementing new and better methods of drying. S-500 is the standard and reference guide for professional water damage restoration. Such guide is published by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification. S-500 lists the standard procedures to be followed as well as precautions to be observed when conducting sewage backflow and water damage restorations. Establishing a good relationship with clients is the most ideal way to start business.

Establishing the scope of damage is essential just as open communications with customers, insurance representatives, and claimants are before proceeding with the drying process. Prior to the start of the registration, source of water must be detected and eliminated quickly. It is also crucial to acquire a signed work authorization from the homeowner or the property manager. Emergency services are then rendered after the completion of all initial procedures.

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