Ways to Spot Water Damage

During the time when Hurricane Sandy happened, it is projected that approximately 230,000 vehicles obtained flood damage in the affected areas. A number of these vehicles may be up for sale in the absence of disclosure of the water damage. People must exercise great caution when taking into account purchasing of a used vehicle.

To detect significant water damage in vehicles, it is important to examine the interior as well as the engine compartment and seek for any evidence of water or grit from submersion. Check the floorboard carpet for any stain marks or water residue. Scrutinize the interior of the vehicle as well as under the carpets for proof of rusting. Check for dried mud under the dashboard. Observe if there are residues and take note of evidence of mold or odor in the carpet, trunk, or upholstery. Check out the screws if there are rust. Locate for grit or mud in alternator crevices.

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